Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scientific Terms

abduction - movement of a body apart away from the midline of the body

flexion - bringing the forearm toward the trunk

Extension - bring the forearm away from the trunk

Transverse plane - plane in which forward and backward movements of the body and body segemnts occur

Shoulder joint - glenoid labrum meets the acromium

Elevation - raising of the scapula

shoulder girdle - composed of the scapula and clavicle along with the joints. 

longitudinal axis - imaginary line around which the transverse plane rotates around

Frontal plane - plane in which lateral movements of the body and body segments occur

anteroposterior axis - imaginary line around which frontal plane rotations occur

Ulanar deviation - bringing down of the ulna 

supination - twisting of the ulna radial joint, palm facing up

pronation - twisting of the ulna radial joint, palm facing down

ulna radial joint - where the ulna and radial meet the wrist. 

mediolateral axis - imaginary line in which sagittal plane rotations occur

plantar flexion - bending the ankle downwards

dorsiflexion -  bending the ankle upwards

Adducting - movement of a body part towards the midline of the body

hyperextension - bring of a body part beyond normal limits.

center of gravity - point around which a body weight is equally balanced, no matter how the body is positioned. 

internal rotation - brining of the forearm when elbow is flexed towards the body

external rotation - brinign of the forearm when the elbow is flxed away from the body 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exersice - Internal/external rotation with a theraband


With the theraband for internal rotation,  with your elbow flexed at a 90 angle, pull the theraband towards your trunk while keeping your arm still and make sure not to rotate your trunk. For external rotation hold the theraband while it is stretched and pull away from your trunk making sure not to rotate your trunk. This is beneficial for range of motion as well as strength.

Exercise - Trunk Rotation


With A ball, lay down on the ball and rotate your trunk to either side whie maintaining your balance and contracting your core. This helps with Trunk rotation while performing the slap shop to keep your core stabalized.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drill - Wall Passes

Step by Step instructions:

-Stand facing a wall with about 5 to 6 feet between you and the wall.
-Legs width apart, back slighly bent in a hockey ready position hit the ball towards the wall, lightly.
-Control the ball when it comes back without constantly looking at the ball, quick glances.
-When ball is recovered, repeat.
-Progress faster and quicker


This drill will improve performce by increasing hand eye cordination as well as awareness of the ball or puck. This helps with reaction time, speed, stick handling, and helps nueromuscular proprioceptive awareness.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hockey - Slap Shot

Still Pictures

Stance: legs shoulder width apart by abducting. Your dominant arm should be flexed 35-45 degrees on the mid part of the stick and the other should be flexed 10 degrees on the top of the stick. trunk should be slightly flexed

Wind Up: Flex the trunk by moving in the Transverse plane, Dominant arm  Raise the hockey stick so the blade of the stick is about even with your head by abducting and hyperextension the shoulder joint. Elevation of the shoulder girdle and  will help increase the momentum of the shot.

Forward Shot: use all of your force to make the stick swing forward by Adducting the shoulder jount through the transverse around the longitudinal axis and frontal plane around the anteroposterior axis by leaning towards that shot, balance is important. Ulanr deviation and supination of the ulna radial joint should be used in order to get the best shot. Make sure not to invert or evert the ankle. Flexion through the saggital plane around the mediolateral axis of the non-dominant leg helps improve balance. Also plantar flexion of the non dominant foot, avoid dorsiflexion because it will throw off your center      of gravity.

Recovery: Put weight back on both feet.

Novice video:

Back was not flexed or extended, didnt put all of his force into the shot making it difficult for the shot to be effctive. 

Expert Video:

Back bent, leaning into the shot, balanced, all of the force going through the stick.